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Kenfab is an interior design service provider, specialized in workspace design. Our team of consultants, interiors designers and architects have in-depth knowledge and extensive experience on how a thoughtfully designed and finely executed workspace can help retain the best talents and substantially improve your overall business performance. We undertakes a personal responsibility to provide customers with sustainable solutions by working with products and suppliers who strive for reducing environmental impact. Our designers strive to recycle or reuse creatively whereby the clients are able to extend the life of their assets. At every stage of our business cycle, we have carefully embedded steps to reduce environmental impact and increase the efficiency of the system.

The intention is not only to look for continual improvement within the organization but also with the vendors and other service providers that are associated with us. Kenfab understands and accepts the importance of health and safety of employees and all other areas that are affected by the group’s activity. We believe that successful health and safety culture is dependent upon effective collaboration between the company and its clients.